Blackie One Ear!

Har de har!  It's the wild pirate of Cindy's elm tree!  It isn't easy being different, sometimes people don't take you seriously!  But Blackie One Ear doesn't care--he's different, no one takes him seriously, and it just means life's more fun!  He does what he wants, doesn't worry about how he looks, and has a ball no matter what's going on.  He was a little self-conscious at first about only having one ear, but now he thinks it gives him a certain "Har-de-har-I-don't-know-what!"  You just can't find anyone more happy-go-lucky and crazy than Blackie One Ear!  That's why he's the wild pirate of Cindy's elm tree, he does what he wants and just has fun!  Who can help liking a crazy squirrel like him?

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