The Mantelpiece Spiders!

Cindy likes everyone she meets, and spiders are no exception, even if they are a little scary!  One day Cindy found a tiny spider living on her mantelpiece, so of course she introduced herself and they made lifelong friends.  When Cindy met another tiny spider one day who was quite lost on a molding, she showed him to the mantelpiece in case he knew the other spider or it could give him directions.  He didn't, and the other spider didn't know where else to send him, so the two of them became best friends thanks to Cindy, and since then they've been joined by even more new friends.  Teeny and tiny and as cute as can be, The Mantelpiece Spiders live among Cindy's menagerie of tiny blue and white Delft dogs and cats and teeny tiny tea cups Cindy's good friend Cap'n Hamilton the sea captain's ghost brought back from his brave, exciting voyages to Holland.  The Mantelpiece Spiders are dedicated homebodies who don't love a lot of excitement and overreact to just about everything!  You really have to be careful what you say and do around them or they get into a bit of a tizzy!  Here is a picture Cindy likes of them!   Look at it very calmly so you don't alarm them, and don't make any sudden moves!

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