Pleasy the Easy Bake Oven!

Cindy loves to bake, and no one is more fun to bake with than Cindy's delightful friend, Pleasy the Easy Bake Oven!  Cindy and Pleasy love baking tiny cakes and brownies and cookies with tiny mixes from little pink and purple boxes, tiny pans, and Pleasy's nice bright light bulb to do the baking!  When Cindy and Pleasy bake together, they have to watch out for Magic Joey, because he eats up all the delicious little frosted cakes and brownies and cookies Cindy and Pleasy have made, just like a hungry giant, and then asks for more!   Lots of ovens love to make yummy things, but what makes Pleasy the most special oven of all and someone Cindy loves to play with is her sense of humor.   She loves surprises!  You never know what she'll do next!

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