Tiffany the Squirrel Nut Bowl!

Everyone who visits Cindy's Fun House loves Tiffany the Squirrel Nut Bowl!  Not only is she beautiful, but she's generous and hard-working.  Coming from the lap of luxury, Tiffany might have become a spoiled, pampered cache pot who did nothing all day but laze around sedately holding roses from time to time.  But that kind of indulgent life wasn't for Tiffany.  Tiffany dreamed of a purpose in life, to feed hungry squirrels, and she has fulfilled her dream so admirably she's even got a few chips and dings around her dainty edges to show for her dedicated life!  Not a day goes by that Tiffany doesn't hold walnuts and make sure they get into the paws of any hungry squirrel who comes to the door of Cindy's Fun House.  Sometimes she gets the giggles when a squirrel comes in to help himself, jumps inside her, and wiggles around a bit looking for just the right nut, because she's ticklish! 

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