Twisty Tail!

Lots and lots of super special squirrels live in the great big elm tree at Cindy's Fun House.  There are Lucky, Little Mommy, Blackie One Ear, Gray Eye, Tiki, the Muddy Buddies, Gray Girl, Punkin, and a whole lot more.  Twisty Tail is the most famous squirrel at Cindy's Fun House, because she's the Boss of Everything.  If everyone gets one nut, Twisty Tail gets two.  If someone's going to lead the charge into Cindy's Fun House because no one has come to the door with a nut, it's going to be Twisty Tail!  With her twisty tail and spunky personality, Twisty Tail is a star!  Like any diva, she can be misunderstood, but beneath her furry exterior she has a heart of gold.

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