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Silly Bears!

Silly Bears are so cute and fun!  Made by Cindy from craft felt, stitched, and stuffed lightly with polyfill for maximum floppy silliness!  These are handcrafted Cindythings collector art bears for display, great for adding bright, silly fun to your decor and as super Cindythings collectibles, not intended for play.  17" tall.  These are the first three in a Cindythings Fun Bears collector series!

  Silly Bears - $40 each


Moe Hair Bear

Larry Bear



Plush Bear Pillows!

Plush Bear Pillows feature Cindythings' favorite wacky, rascally cute fun bear characters--Moe Hair Bear and Razzbeary!  Moe Hair is made from stitched synthetic white plush with black safety eyes, a black felt nose, and stitched on black chenille mouth and hair.  Razzbeary is made from stitched synthetic crushed velvet-like stretchy plush, black synthetic plush for his ears, black safety eyes, black felt nose and tongue, and stitched on black chenille mouth and curl.  Both are stuffed with polyfill.  These are super fun Cindythings collector art bears made by Cindy, great for adding silliness to any decor!  Okay for light use but not intended for heavy use except to cause giggling.  Pillow rounds measure 13" diameter.  Fun measures off the chart!  First in a series of fun Cindythings character bear pillows!

Plush Bear Pillows - $60 each


Fairytale Bear Puppets!

Fairytale Bear Puppets are made by Cindy from stitched craft felt and glitter stems!  They are super cute and fairytale charming with their happy faces and sparkly magic wands!  Great for Cindythings fans and art bear collectors, can be played with, too, although not for very small children because the sparkle wand is a bit sharp.  Bears measure 10 3/4" tall.  Available in these colors, or ask for availability of your preferred color choice.

Bear Puppets - $25


Fun Vinyl Bear Wallets!


Razzbeary wallet

Razzbeary interior

Moe Hair Bear wallet

 Moe Hair Bear interior

Fun Vinyl Bear Wallets are super cute and fun! Featuring Cindythings favorite crazy bear characters, Moe Hair Bear and Razzbeary!   These are so cute, made of bright red and white lightweight vinyl, with your favorite Cindythings bear on the outside, and inside two super cute Cindythings heart characters!  This super fun wallet has raw cut side and bottom edges and plenty of irregularities in stitching (hey, have you ever tried sewing vinyl?) but it's guaranteed to be cute, cute, cute!  Has two inside credit card pockets and large money pocket.  Made for collecting, display, or light use for fun, not heavy use.  First two in a collector series of Cindythings character bears wallets!

Vinyl Bear Wallets - $50 each


Crazy Cute Mini Bears!

Crazy Cute Mini Bears are so cute everyone who sees them just laughs! Made by Cindy of craft felt, hand-stitched, lightly stuffed with polyfill, with black plastic bead eyes and bright pom pom noses.  Get them in these colors or request any color and pom pom nose color you want--if I have it, you've got it!  Super cute and fun, these are perfect Cindythings art bears for collecting and display, but not intended to be or safe for playthings for children.  5 1/4" tall.  Clothes and accessories and dressed Mini Bears coming soon!

Mini Bears - $15




Cute Bean Bag Bears!

Cute Bean Bag Bears are so much fun to hold, you can't stop playing with them!  Hand stitched with embroidered and felt faces, stuffed just the right amount with poly plastic pellets for the greatest feel, they're all made by Cindy!  Other colors can be requested, if I have it you can have it!   These are intended as cute, silly, fun collectibles for Cindythings and art bear lovers, not safe or intended as toys for children in case they get the pellets out!  Round face measures 3 1/2" diameter.  Great for desks as paperweights, or keep a bunch in a bowl or basket on your coffee table to amuse guests, or carry one in your pocket to take out and fiddle with while waiting in lines!

Bean Bag Bears - $10




 Bear Angel Bookmarks!

Bear Angel Bookmarks are super cute and sweet!  Made 100% of craft felt appliqued with craft glue by Cindy, these angelic little bears will mark your place or just decorate your space with their bright, happy little presence!  Get them in the short length (6 3/4 inches) for paperbacks, or the longer length (10 inches) for bigger books, or mix and match, it doesn't matter!  All their faces are the same size, the long ones are just longer in the body!  Ask for any color you don't see, if I have it, it's yours!  Get a bunch, they're soft and cute and fun and you'll love them!  They're so Cindythings!

Bear Angel Bookmarks - $5 short / $6 long



Teddy Bear Wooden Shoes!

Teddy Bear Wooden Shoes, custom hand decorated by Cindy--a Cindythings exclusive!  These are real Dutch wooden shoes imported from Holland, custom painted and glazed with acrylic paint and gloss, with glued on, painted felt ears.  These are so adorable and fun whether they're just sitting around holding cat or dog toys or tiny teddy bears and looking cute, or you're clomping around in them for fun like Cindy!  If you'd like to order a pair, let me know your size so I can check availability with my Dutch import supplier, and also your preferred bear color--any color would be cute!  These are just full of Old World charm and whimsy--totally Cindythings!  Super for bear collectors and Cindythings fanatics!

Teddy Bear Wooden Shoes - $80



Sweetheart Bears Bookends!


Sweetheart Bears Bookends are so cute and sweet!  Each pair features a pair of boy and girl bears--sweethearts!--made of craft felt with assorted fun trims.  Their floppy arms and legs can be placed in lots of cute, fun poses!  Inside each bear bookend is a brand new 26-ounce sealed box of salt, so they really hold up books well--but they're also adorable just sitting on a shelf!  Other colors can be requested, depending on availability, or a pair of two boys or two girls.  These are super fun Cindythings that really capture the magic of childhood!  Sits 7 inches tall from shelf to ear tips.  Not a toy for kids.

Sweetheart Bears Bookends - $40 a pair




Clothespin Bear Fairies!


Clothespin Bear Fairies are super cute and sweet!  Made by Cindy from vintage-style wooden peg clothespins with ink decorated faces, felt and satin ribbon outfits, chenille stem arms and ears, and sparkle stem wings, these are super original, super magical collectibles for bear lovers or Cindythings fans!  Not a safe toy for small kids.  So cute standing on display anytime!

Bear Fairies - $15 each




Teddy Bear Fridge Magnets!

Teddy Bear Fridge Magnets are super cute and fun!  Handmade by Cindy the Fridge Magnet Queen from polymer clay and then baked, these magnets will add lots of cute, fun personality to your fridge, locker, whatever!  Available in Cindythings favorite bears, Moe Hair Bear and Razzbeary, and the bear styles and colors you see here.   Or, if you don't see what you want, ask!  Other colors and styles possible!

Teddy Bear Fridge Magnet - $6









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