Mohair Teddy Bears

by Cindythings

(Classic Bears, Little Cuties, and Little Sillies)



Cindythings Mohair Teddy Bears

 Sweet Shoppe!

All bears and animals sweetly custom designed, made, and served by Cindy!

  Cindythings Mohair Teddy Bears Sweet Shoppe is delighted to bring you super sweet, cute, and fun bears and animals featuring fine quality German Schulte mohair with a fabulous feel, stuffed with best quality polyfill, old-fashioned embroidery floss & button joints with dangling ends (the cute button joints are on the outside of the arms!), fun sewn-on wobbly heads that can be posed for various cute looks, sewn on eyes, and hand-sewn noses.  Super cute, tons of personality, crazily huggable, and utterly adorable, and sure to satisfy your sweet tooth for a hug full of cute, fun, cuddly bear and animal companions!

Please note:  these are super special one-of-a-kind collector bears not safe for or intended as toys for small children.

Cindythings Bears are Fun Fun Fun!!!

  Bring them on picnics and to tea parties...

Take them sightseeing and to look at Christmas lights...

Make scrapbooks and photo albums starring them...

Have them write fun letters to your friends and family...

but please...

 Do not eat the bears no matter how delicious they look!




Tootie Frootie Bubble Gum

11-inch sweet boy bear!  Cream and sky blue-tipped 1" sparse matted German Schulte mohair! He has black plastic shoe-button style eyes.

He's very well behaved.  Sort of.  He wants to be your only bear.  He doesn't like to share your love or your lap and he also likes to control the TV remote.






Peanut Butter and Carmel Corn

Naughty 11" twin bears!  Gold 1" German Schulte curly kid mohair!  They have black plastic shoe-button style eyes.

Buyer must promise on Bear's Honor to keep them together as a pair--they are inseparable!

They can be quite naughty but they are super cute and sweet so who cares?  You can forgive them anything.

They each come with a cute little ivory scarf hand knitted by Cindy from super soft vintage English mohair yarn, but they don't mind sharing one if you bribe them with a cookie.  They also come with one cute purchased new blue hand knitted yarn baby hat with green pom pom added by Cindy, and one pair of cute used thrift white baby socks with yellow ducks on them, to share and fight over!

$250 for the pair



Grape Fizz Sherbet

So sweet 11" lavender girl bear.  Shaded lavender 1" German Schulte curly kid mohair.  She has black plastic shoe-button style eyes.

She's really sweet, just a little naughty once in a while.

 Okay, she's naughty all the time except when she's asleep, but she is always cute and sweet anyway!  She comes wearing a lavender satin ribbon and a pair of cute new white crocheted baby booties from a crafts boutique, with satin ribbon ties because she likes to pull them off and wear them on her ears.  The booties, I mean.  It's a bear thing.





Vanilla Ice Cream Scoop

Angelic white 11" boy bear.  1/2" dense curly German Schulte kid mohair!  He has black plastic shoe-button style eyes.

This boy is an absolute angel, guaranteed.*

*Well, maybe not ALWAYS.  But he is always 100% cute and uber-sweet.  He comes with a hand knitted by Cindy powder blue baby yarn scarf, a pair of powder blue thrift baby socks, and a cute thrift red and white baby sock hat!  If you want him you had better hurry, because he's trying to convince me to keep him and he's a hard bear to resist! What a little clown!





Berries and Cream Fluff

Impossibly cute 11" panda bear!  Shaded lavender 1" German Schulte curly kid mohair and white 1/2" dense curly German Schulte kid mohair!  She has black plastic shoe-button style eyes.

She's impossibly cute and she's impossibly impossible!  But always ultra sweet!  She insisted on wearing pink for this portrait and comes with her ribbon and hat because her other favorite outfit is even sillier and I've hidden it.





Licorice Taffy Twist

Super loving sweet 11" panda bear boy.  Black 3/4" dense feathered German Schulte mohair and white 1/2" dense curly German Schulte kid mohair!  He has black plastic shoe-button style eyes.

He loves being naughty!  And being tickled!  He comes with a sweet little dark pink felt scarf he says he found under a tree while strolling in the park one day, but I think he might have made it himself out of his pajamas because I can't find them.




Coconut Cream Angel Cake

Super good big 16" boy bear!  White 1/2" dense curly German Schulte kid mohair!  He has black glass shoe-button style eyes.

He really is oh so sweet and super good!  Really!  He would never be naughty unless someone left a cookie jar full of chocolate chip cookies sitting around unattended, and that would be someone else's fault, wouldn't it!  He's really quite civilized for a bear if you don't count a few smallish incidents.  He comes wearing a cute red scarf hand knitted by Cindy from super soft vintage English mohair yarn.  This big boy is so cute he'll be your best friend forever!





Cotton Candy

Super sweet 10 1/2" baby girl bear.  Hand dyed with raspberry tea 1/2" dense curly German Schulte kid mohair!  She's just the loveliest shade of pink ever and has the lushest feel!  She has black plastic shoe-button style eyes. 

  She's as sweet as sugar and well behaved all the time.  Really!  Just be sure to not leave her alone unattended with any rolls of pink bathroom tissue if you have better things to do than roll one back up.  She comes with a pink satin ribbon and an old thrift red and white baby sock hat because she thinks it looks jaunty.




Lemon Meringue Tart

Super cute little 8" chick Little Cutie!  Yellow and purple tipped 1" sparse matted German Schulte mohair with the lavender tips all trimmed off to a cute fuzzy 1/2" so it's yellow only.  She wears a cute little rumpled hand sewn vintage-look calico cotton sun dress with buttons and lace and a flower applique, a pink grosgrain bow on her head, and embroidered cheeks and vintage-look beak.  She has black plastic shoe-button style eyes.

Very very sweet and not at ALL bossy.  Really.  Do not let her play with the telephone unless you really really like pizza.






Pumpkin Pie

Super sweet 8" kitty cat Little Cutie!  3/8" sparse, feathered-bright orange mohair.  She wears a cute smocked polka dot cotton sun dress with lemon yellow lace and a lemon yellow satin bow on her head.  Vintage-look embroidered cheeks, nose, mouth, and ears.  Her eyes are green and black glass.

 She is so sweet and angelic.  Could anything this cute ever be naughty?  Well, okay, yes, but she's so cute you won't mind.  She comes with the big peach satin pussycat bow, too, which she picked out herself.  She's such a fashionista!  Just do not try to tell her what to wear and you should get along fine.







Blueberry Cheesecake

So precious 9 1/2" bunny Little cutie!  Fluffy cream and lavender-tipped 1" sparse matted German Schulte mohair.  Embroidered pale pink cheeks and bright pink nose and mouth.  She's wearing a cute hand sewn rumpled soft blue cotton smocked sun dress with little white flower appliques and a pale pink satin bow.  She has blue and black glass eyes.

She's just so precious and super sweet and only the tiniest bit mischievous.  Depending on how you define the word tiny.  Hide your felt markers, I'm just saying.




Boysenberry Pie a la Mode

 Super-duper sweet, super special 15" bunny.  Yellow and purple-tipped 1" sparse matted German Schulte mohair, with white 1/2" dense curly German Schulte kid mohair tummy, raspberry tea hand dyed 1/2" dense curly German Schulte kid mohair muzzle, and shaded lavender 1" German Schulte curly kid mohair tail!  This special bunny has a shiny faceted black plastic button nose, a dog-bone shaped button for his cute front teeth, big black plastic shoe-button style eyes, and embroidered eyelashes and smile.  The ears are lightly stuffed.  It can stand on its own and is adorable from every angle.  Look at that tail!  It's too cute to believe!

This is one special, precious artist's bunny!  Very sweet and well behaved, but one look at this bunny and you know you're in for some fun mischief!  Comes with a cute white thrift real baby bonnet and pretty much no manners!





Orange Spice Gumdrop

Too cute and sweet vintage toy style 3" clown bear.  3/8" sparse, feathered-bright orange mohair trimmed tiny.  All hand sewn, with arms and legs thread-jointed.  Gathered satin ribbon ruffle, plastic candy cane and sparkly gumdrop plastic button hat, black embroidery floss bow.  Tiny black seed bead eyes with white embroidery highlighting them.

He is so crazily sweet and cute!  He may be only 3 inches tall, but he is three tons of tiny cute fun!  An itsy bitsy bit naughty but just say No We Are Not Going to Eat Another Chocolate Donut Before Dinner Because I Said So and try to stand firm.





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