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Cindythings Pom Pom Bears are cute, cute, cute!!! They're all made by Cindy, the Pom Pom Bear Queen!



Bellybutton Bears!

Bellybutton Bears are the cutest Cindythings PomPom bears ever!  Made with big fluffy pom poms, chenille stems, and google eyes, and accessorized with super cute outfits--and pom pom bellybuttons, they are so soft and cuddly!  Get the ones you see here or ask for your favorite color, outfit, etc.!

Bellybutton Bears - $35


pinky baby                                  baby kitty                         diaper baby        



Fairytale Bear Muffins!

Fairytale Bear Muffins are so cute and sweet and adorable!  They have pom pom heads and paws, crowns made of rickrack, gold trim, or sparkle stems, sparkle stem magic heart wands, chenille stem ears, glass bead eyes, satin ribbon noses and tongues, fabric bodies stuffed lightly round with polyfill, and sparkly rickrack trim, all sewn lovingly together by Cindy!  They are just as sweet as can be!  Color variations can be requested, depending on availability of materials I'm happy to make yours the colors you most want!  Bear muffins are 4 1/2 inches tall, bodies are 3 1/2 inch diameter.  These are super cute handcrafted art bears for collectors and Cindythings fans to gently display, not intended as or safe for children or play.  Warning:  so adorable they've been known to cause spontaneous emotional meltdowns--approach with caution!

Bear Muffins - $15


Realistic Pom Pom Bears!

Before & After!

Realistic Pom Pom Bears are so cute and sweet!  (Their big light blue and pink Pom Pom Carnival Bear friends in the middle of this picture agree!) They come in any bear color, including multi-color clown bear, pandas, and the most popular because they're so realistic looking and sweet, classic tan.  An original, exclusive Cindythings creation and a huge hit with bear lovers at their debut artist bears show and sale where they practically flew off the table, these little cuties are made by Cindy from pom poms and chenille stems, and have bead eyes and satin ribbon noses.  They're only about 1 1/2 inches high and look so much like real antique bears, it's amazing!

Realistic Pom Pom Bears - $7





Pom Pom Carnival Bears!

Jumbo standing Pom Pom Carnival Bears!


Large standing Pom Pom Carnival Bears!


Jumbo sitting Pom Pom Carnival Bears!


Large sitting Pom Pom Carnival Bears!


Medium and Small standing Pom Pom Carnival Bears!


Medium sitting Pom Pom Carnival Bears!

Medium Sitting Pom Pom Carnival Bears!


Pom Pom Carnival Bears are so crazy and cute!  These were such a hit at their bear show and sale debut!  Cindy loves real toy carnival bears, they're just so cute and fun, and these capture their silly, sweet, lovable look!  Handmade by Cindy from pom poms, chenille stems, glass beads, and satin ribbon, these are a real Cindythings original that Cindythings fans and bear lovers have to have!  These bears, like all Cindythings bears, are made for collecting and display enjoyment, not meant for or safe for children's toys.  Please specify size, pose, and color preference--if you don't see what you want, just ask!  (Please note the "standing" bears are in a straight standing/lying position but need to be propped up to stand.)  Jumbo bears measure about 7 inches tall.  Large bears measure about 4 inches inches head to toe.  Medium bears measure about 2 1/2 inches head to toe.  Small bears measure 2 inches head to toe.

 Pom Pom Carnival Bears -

Jumbo $7, Large $6, Medium $5, Small $4


Large and Jumbo sitting Pom Pom Carnival Bears!



Pom Pom Carnival Bear Pins!

Realistic colored Pom Pom Bear Pins!

Colorful Panda Pom Pom Bear Pins!

Moe Hair Bear (white) and Razzbeary (pink) Pom Pom Bear Pins!


Pom Pom Carnival Bear Pins are a super cute and fun way to wear your love for teddy bears and Cindythings favorite silly character bears, Razzbeary and Moe Hair Bear!  Wear a fun friend everywhere you go!  As seen here, or ask for your color choice--if I have it, I'll make it for you!  Pom Pom Pins measures about 1 3/4 inches diameter and have a gold tone clasp pin on the back.

Pom Pom Bear Pins - $5








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