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These are samples for a book I made called Clooney's Big Day, about an alligator who wants to win a contest, but doesn't know what you have to do to win, so rather than ask and possibly be too obvious, she tries all kinds of zany things.  She dresses in a costume in case it's a costume contest, tries to build the "best snowman" in a store display, sings, tells jokes, does magic tricks, eats a record amount at the lunch counter, lodges masses of complaints, etc.  It sounds exactly like something I would do!  Maybe you can guess the ending from the pictures, or maybe not...!

 I'm including a couple of alternative sketches I did for her costume choice, just for fun.  You can see from them what a dummy page looks like, and how much I sometimes fiddle around to get a sketch just right.  I love the last one!


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