Gertrude the Rose Bush!

She's lovely, she smells heavenly, and she's a real individual--she's Gertrude the Rose Bush!  Born in foggy London, Gertrude is living the American Dream, putting down roots in sunny California where she's now a superstar of stage and screen with her musical English accent!  Loyal to a fault, Gertrude would give you her last blossom.  But she can be whimsical, too.  Sometimes she'll trim her gorgeous crowning glory so short you almost don't recognize her--then a few months later, there she'll be, bursting with blooms once more.  Gertrude is definitely a star and enjoys the attention it brings whenever she's out, but she has a special dream that's dear to her heart--she wants to create and sell her own perfume and call it Just Gertrude the Superstar!  It has a ring to it, don't you think?

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