Panda Dog!

It can be so hard to make up your mind sometimes!  Do I want to be a panda?  Or do I want to be a dog?  Panda Dog knows all about that problem, he can't decide about anything ever--so he's a little bit of both!  Itty bitty and cute as can be, Panda Dog is a cute, tail wagging, sweet little fellow who needs a little help making up his mind no matter what the choice.  A bone or a biscuit?  Outside or inside?  Walkies or nappy?  And once he makes up his mind, he always thinks--wait, what if I'm a panda?  Do panda's like bones?  It's a lucky thing Panda Dog knows one thing--he loves to follow someone else's lead!  Don't forget to look behind you, he may be following you!  

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