Cindy has lots of friends, but few come close to being as special, adored, sweet, goofy, and wonderful as her super special friend Ollie!  A silly, happy-go-lucky fellow, Ollie wants just one thing--for everyone to be happy and have fun!  If he sees you working hard or concentrating, watch out!  He'll do something funny and sweet to make you laugh!  A talented performer in a class by himself, Ollie devotes most of his skills to entertaining his best buddy in the whole world, Nestle!  When he throws a towel over his head and runs around like a ghost, you know you've been entertained!  And Ollie's also the funny, crazy half of a two-bunny circus act with Nestle!  A junk food lover who'll do just anything to get a cookie or a french fry, this bunny's a bunny after every heart!  That's why everyone loves him!  Don't you?

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