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Silly Cindy!

Silly Cindy is super fun and cute!  Cindy makes them out of craft felt, stitched, with a little added lace and a sparkle stem crown, and stuffed lightly with polyfill for silly, floppy fun!  These are Cindythings collectors art to add some fun Cindythinginess to your decor, not for kids!  First in a collector series!

Silly Cindy - $40




Cindy Fabric Art Pillow Dolls!

Cindy Fabric Art Pillow Dolls are a super sweet, totally fabulous Cindythings original for Cindythings fans and art doll collectors!  Made of white cotton fabric, Cindy draws Cindy in ink, colors her with crayons, and then heat presses in the color.  Then she stitches the pillow, stuffs it with quality polyfill, and adds lace, ribbon, red yarn trim, and Cindy's classic gold Cindyrella crown for the cutest Cindything collectible imaginable!  Back is plain and signed Cindythings TM, can be autographed with a message.  16 inches tall.  So cute--so Cindy!  First in a collector series!

Cindy Pillow Doll - $60




Cindy Plush Pillows!

Cindy Plush Pillows are so much fun!  This big, fuzzy pale pink pillow is stuffed with best quality polyfill, has pink mohair cheeks, black chenille nose and mouth, black plastic safety eyes, brown yarn hair braided in pigtails, red ribbons, and gold sparkle stem crown.  Cindy's happy face will be totally cute and sweet in your decor!  Get Cindy's friend and nemesis Magic Joey for even more fun!  Head is 13" diameter.  First in a series of Cindy Plush Pillows!

Cindy Plush Pillow - $60




Magic Joey Plush Pillows!

Oh, no!  It's Magic Joey Plush Pillows!  This rascally copycat would jump onto a pillow just like Cindy!  Same fun size, same fun plush, same everything, except his hair is lush black chenille yarn, and his cheeks are pink felt.  Just watch this naughty rascal add some giggles to your decor and day, just like Cindy!  First in a fun, crazy series of Magic Joey Plush Pillows!

Magic Joey Plush Pillow - $60




Cindy on a Stick!

Cindy on a Stick is such silly, cute fun!  You need one!  Made of painted wood with a pink ribbon stripe and bow, yarn hair, and craft foam ears and crown with little sparkles at the tips, how can anyone live without one?!  9 1/4 inches tall.  First in a collector series!

Cindy on a Stick - $10




Mini Cindy Dolls!

Mini Cindy Dolls are so cute and sweet!  She's made by Cindy out of craft felt, lace, yarn, and ribbon, with an embroidered face, and a sparkle stem crown and "buttons."  She's baby Cindy!  This is a collectors art doll and Cindythings collectible, not intended or safe for children due to small sharp bits.  6 inches tall.  First in a collector series!

Mini Cindy Doll - $30



Cindy Hand Puppets!

Cindy Hand Puppets are so cute and sweet!  She really captures the magic of childhood with her bright pink felt dress, cute embroidered felt face with black plastic bead eyes, brown yarn ponytails with bright blue ribbons, and magic sparkle heart wand and sparkly Cindyrella crown!  It's so much fun wiggling the wand, you can't put it down!  It's just so cute!  All hand stitched by Cindy, 11 inches tall.  So cute for Cindythings collectors and for display, but not intended or safe as a toy for small children due to bead eyes and sharp parts.  First in a Cindy Puppet series!  Other Cindythings character puppets coming soon, too!

Cindy Hand Puppet - $30




Cindy Fridge Magnets!

Cindy Fridge Magnets are a super cute way to dress up your fridge and show your love for Cindythings!  Handmade by Cindy from plastic polymer clay that's baked hard, these are great Cindythings collectibles!  About 3 inches diameter each way.  First in a series!

Cindy Fridge Magnet - $6




Cindy Pom Pom Pins!

(back showing pin)

Cindy Pom Pom Pins are so super cute and fun!  They've got a pin on the back so you can wear your love for Cindy and Cindythings wherever you go!  Made with a fluffy pale pink 1 1/2 inch pom pom, with bead eyes, thread features, felt cheeks, yarn hair, cute red ribbons in her ponytails, and sparkly gold rickrack Cindyrella crown, this Cindy is cute, cute, cute!  Super limited availability!

Cindy Pom Pom Pin - $10



Hearty the Happy Apron!

Hearty the Happy Apron is Cindy's super fun sweet friend she loves to wear and bake with at Cindy's Fun House!  Hearty is so cute and fun to wear, Cindy wears him when she appears at teddy bear shows and sales!  He's a real celebrity!  Cindy hand paints his happy face with acrylics on a ready-made white cotton apron--but everyone knows Hearty is happiest when he's all spotty and messy from getting to help a lot!  Apron body measures 34 1/2 inches tall by 25 inches wide, not counting ties.  If you want yours signed by Cindy and numbered in indelible ink along the back edge above the waist, just ask!

Hearty Apron - $45

Hearty the Happy Apron in action!  Queen of Cindythings Conglomerate crown and lifesize Cindy not included!



Cindy's Pom Pom Pets!

Cindy's Pom Pom Pets are so cute and sweet you will just go crazy over them!  Made from tiny pom poms and chenille stems, with satin ribbon features.  You can get any of Cindy's pets you see here, or ask for color substitutions to have one custom made to look like your pet, depending on color and availability of materials, just ask!  Other pets coming soon!

Pom Pom Pets

hamsters and guinea pigs - $4

bunnies and cats - $8

  These are Cindy's real life pets:


 Nestle her gray bunny


Ollie her lop bunny


Wilbur her guinea pig


Rosie her hamster


Kitty Golightly




Cindy Bean Bags!

Cindy Bean Bags are fun fun fun!  Made of craft felt, hand stitched, with yarn hair, satin ribbons, and stuffed with plastic pellets for a super cool feel you just can't stop playing with!  These are meant for Cindythings fans and collectors, not safe for small children, because they might get the pellets out.  First in a series!

Cindy Bean Bag - $15




Magic Joey Wallet!

Oh, no! It's Magic Joey Wallet!  Now that silly rascally copycat Magic Joey has landed on a wallet!  And what a cute wallet it is, made of bright red and white lightweight vinyl, with Magic Joey on the outside looking as silly as ever, and inside two super cute Cindythings heart characters!  This super fun wallet has raw cut side and bottom edges and plenty of irregularities in stitching (hey, have you ever tried sewing vinyl?!), but it's guaranteed to be cute, cute, cute!  Has two inside credit card pockets and large money pocket.  Made for collecting, display, or light use for fun, not heavy use.  First in the Cindythings series!

Magic Joey Wallet - $50




Cindythings Wooden Puppy Shoes!

Cindythings Wooden Puppy Shoes are so crazily cute and fun, a total Cindythings original!  These are real Dutch wooden shoes imported from Holland, painted with acrylic paints and acrylic gloss by Cindy herself, with cute painted felt puppy ears glued on!  So cute whether you wear them for fun or just display them!  Choose the color and expression you want from the ones below, or come up with your own choice, and if I have the color available, it's yours!  Email me your size and I'll let you know availability and delivery time.

Wooden Puppy Shoes - $80








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