Cindy Clothespin Dolls

by Cindythings




Camp Cindy

Baker Cindy

Purple Cindyrella

Burberry Cindy

Kitty Golightly

Witch Cindy Bubble Bath Cindy

Pink Cindyrella

Britannia Cindy

Beach Cindy

Tiffany Cindy

Cargo Cindy

Ginger Cindy

Witch Cindy #2

Space Cindy

Little Devil Cindy

Magic Cindy

Cave Girl Cindy

Gold Cindyrella

Scuba Cindy

Ballerina Cindy

Aloha Cindy

Ascot Cindy

Candy Fairy Cindy

Root'n Toot'n Cindy

Santa Cindy

Genie Cindy


Angel Cindy

Teddy Cindy





Cindy Clothespin Dolls

 are all custom handmade to order by Cindy!

They are made from vintage style 4-inch wood peg clothespins, with hand-drawn ink faces, and are decorated with glued assorted fabric trims and notions, felt and other fabrics, chenille or sparkle stems, glitter, feathers, craft foam, and yarn, and assorted other materials, depending on style.  They are meant to be cute, fun, whimsical, and fill you with childlike wonder!  I try to make them look like they were made by an eleven-year-old!

They are super cute!!!

Price:  $10

Special requests for variations considered.  Just ask! 

Because these dolls are all handmade, please expect slight variations.  I may have to substitute materials depending on availability, but I promise your doll will be as true to the one shown and as cute as I can make it! Because these items are custom made to order and I won't send one out that isn't completely wonderful, I have a no-refund policy unless I have sent you the wrong doll! 

These dolls are sold as fun collectible art.  Not safe for or intended as play toys for small children.








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