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Mohair Bears

Super sweet and cute original Cindythings Mohair artist bears handmade by Cindy!

 Mohair Mice

Super cute and sweet original little Cindythings Mohair Mice handmade by Cindy!

Fun Bears

All kinds of super fun, silly, and cute original Cindythings bears handmade by Cindy!

Pom Pom Bears

Sweet, fun pom pom bears made by Cindy!



Visit my Teddy Bear Shows page, including my tour of the Schulte Mohair Factory in Germany, for lots of fun pictures of me and my bears!

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Visit Cindy's Teddy Bears in Windows Gallery, a sweet collection of photos of all the teddy bears I saw in shop windows while living in Europe all Winter of 2008

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Read some fun comments from happy Cindythings Teddy Bear Shop customers!

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