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Check back to this page often.  It will be a sort of blog featuring all sorts of things including new and vintage art and photos, details on my latest crazes I think you'll enjoy, recipes and ideas for things to try, fun lists, peeks at works in progress, special people, inspirations, fun things I've heard, notice of upcoming updates in my shops, and so on.  In other words, endless Cindy-brand fun!

Be sure to check out my CafePress Cindythings Shop often, too!  I'm going to be adding fun new "seasons" of designs for each of the sections and characters all the time.  If you find a Cindything you like, you can look forward to seeing what it will get up to next!  I love that kind of thing so I hope you do, too.  

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Brand new!

 The Candy TV Chefs Gallery!



Someone's been in the kitchen at Cindythings--me, Cindy!  And a few of my close personal friends--30 famous TV chefs!  Check out my sweet new "candy" offering, The Candy TV Chefs Gallery!  All your favorite TV chefs made out of sugar paste--they're totally edible!   How's that for a fun twist-- chefs on the menu!  They're super fun and cute, and if you're a gourmet, foodie, TV cooking show fan, celebrity chef fan (or wannabe like me!), or you just like silly fun edible art stuff you can't believe you're seeing, you will love it!  It's really fun and I had so much fun making them, check it out!  And please tell all your cooking loving friends and foodie friends and chef friends and favorite food bloggers about it, too!


Also Brand New at Cindythings!

  Cindy's Winter in Amsterdam!

 Cindy's Winter in Amsterdam is a brand new exhibit of fun "Cindy Pictures" in my Cindy's Art Gallery here at Cindythings!  See tons of brand new art all about my real (and imaginary!) adventures in Amsterdam when I visited there for the whole winter while Joe worked on our friend Uri Geller's TV shows for Holland and Germany, "Die Nieuwe Uri Geller" and "The Next Uri Geller"!

 There are lots of fun pictures of our zany adventures, our wonderful friends there, what it's like in the TV making world, Amsterdam, and lots of fun little stories about our fun time there, too!  If you love travel, Amsterdam, mentalism, TV, hotels, food, cats, fun art, or just about anything else, you'll have fun visiting my new international-flavored art exhibit!



Brand New!

Super New Designs in my Cindythings Shop at Cafepress!


Be sure to check out all the fun new designs available in my Cindythings Shop at Cafepress on all sorts of fantastic fun products!  Brand new souvenir designs for the Candy TV Chefs and Cindy's Winter in Amsterdam!  And coming soon:  super fun new designs for all the design departments in the shop!  I'm working on them right now, and you are going to love them!  Cindythings designs at Cafepress have sold in every state in the USA and they're super popular in the UK, too, and getting more popular every day!  Join the fun and get a Cindythings design on a tee shirt, hoodie, mug, toss pillow, magnet, baby onesie, boxers, clock, tote bag, apron...just about anything you can imagine!  Cindythings products make great gifts!  For you, your family, your friends--even your pet pooch!  And remember, if you don't see the Cindythings art you especially love on my website available in my Cafepress shop, let me know and I'll be sure you can get what you want!



Meow!  Something new!

There's a new little something fun to look at here at Cindythings, my Cats in Amsterdam Mini Gallery featuring photos of all the cats I captured with my camera when I spent last winter there with my husband Joe, aka Magic Joey, who was working on the latest season of our nice friend Uri Geller's hit European television series for Holland and Germany.  Of course we brought along Tiki, the official new Cindythings cat!  Check her and her friends out!  Meow!

If you haven't yet seen it yet, you might also like to visit my new and updated Teddy Bears in Windows Gallery from my stays in Germany and Holland, featuring absolute tons of great teddy bears I snapped. 


And check out my new gallery of photos of me appearing at teddy bear shows, including my fun tour of the Schulte Mohair Factory in Duisberg, Germany, where they make the fabulous mohair I use to make most of my Cindythings Teddy Bears and Friends!


  New Candy Magicians at the Magic Castle!

A couple of fun new Candy Magicians made their debut at the annual Soapy Smith Party at the fabulous Magic Castle in Hollywood on July 8, 2009!  Candy Pop Haydn and Candy Pop Haydn (2 of them!) were created especially for the event's charity auction and I'm told they brought in a whopping five billion dollars!  Or somewhere near that.  It is after all an event in honor of one of history's greatest ever con men, Soapy Smith, so please note my figure might be just a little off.  But I do have a candy Brooklyn Bridge available for sale if you are interested, and I've also just found a thousand dollars fluttering down the street, and if you'd like to deposit one million dollars into my Swiss bank account I will split the thousand with you!  Only kidding!  It is always an honor and lots of fun to turn a respected magician into a fun piece of candy for a good cause, especially for the fabulous Magic Castle!  Thank you Mark Nelson for inviting me to contribute to this fun event!


Brand New at Cindythings!

 The Candy Candidates Gallery!

Welcome everyone to Cindythings!  Check out my new Candy Candidates Gallery where you'll find all the big 2008 presidential race candidates--it's sweet!  I hope you enjoy it!


The Candy Candidates have been having lots of fun!

Candy Alan Keyes made it onto America's Revival, Candidate Alan Keyes' website...  Click to see!


The gang also got featured on Candy Addict, a really fabulous website all about candy, which has been featured on The Big Idea on CNBC!

Click to see!

Cindy Things


Candy John McCain became a feature attraction on a fun website called John McCain Satire within hours of the gallery launch!

Click to see!


And they also became officially Cupcake 171 of The Cupcake Project, a super fun and sweet art happening out of New Zealand featuring artists' cupcakes from around the world!

  Click to visit!

There's a new addition to the Candy Candidates Gallery...

Candy Sarah Palin!



The Candy Magicians Gallery!

As featured in Magic Magazine, August 2007!

And as seen at MAGIC Live!

If you're visiting after reading about Cindythings and the Candy Magicians and Candy Mentalists in Magic Magazine, or because you're one of the 1000 attendees who saw them (and me, Cindy!) featured at the August 19, 2007 Opening Cover Party for MAGIC Magazine's spectacular convention, MAGIC Live! at The Orleans in Las Vegas-- thanks so much for coming!  (Now you know why they called the dealer room Candy Land!  Although I think it was a balloon sign typo and was meant to say Cindy Land!)  I had a blast sharing some sweet candy fun with all of you, making tons of awesome new friends, and turning Las Vegas into Cindy City for a few days!

I hope you'll all have fun visiting my Candy Galleries, my Cartoon Gallery which features over 100 cartoons about Mentalists, and my Chrystal Dunninger Museum, which includes loads of info and exclusive pix of Dunninger, the world's greatest mentalist!  You'll probably also enjoy visiting my Art Gallery where you'll find all sorts of magic and mentalism-related art sprinkled throughout, and visiting my Cindythingarama where you can see a certain fun Cindythings character named "Magic Joey" who looks suspiciously like famous mentalist Joe Atmore!  And be sure to visit my Cindythings Shop at Cafepress--you'll love my fun Candy Galleries, Cartoon Gallery, and Chrystal Dunninger designs on all sorts of fun tees and merchandise!  You need some!  Click to Cindythings Homepage for all these fun links!

I'll be adding lots more of my new friends to the Candy Magicians Gallery very shortly, including The Flicking Fingers, Bill Malone, Hans Klok and the beautiful Divas of Magic, Dana Daniels, Cyril, Guy Hollingworth, Marvin Berglas, Mac King, Johnny Thompson, and more fun surprises!  So be sure to email me so I can send you an email notice the instant I update the gallery with fun new Candy Magicians -- or just to say hi!  Let's stay in touch!


Candy Mentalists at Mindvention!

 The Candy Mentalists turned Sin City into Cindy City once again when they appeared at Mindvention in Las Vegas, October 7 - 10, 2007!  Mindvention is a deluxe mentalism convention attended by top mind readers and magicians from around the world!  One of the highlights of this year's convention was a special performance of the theatrical mentalism show "Joseph Atmore is Dunninger" starring Cindythings' "Magic Joey," aka Joe Atmore as Dunninger, with the Magic Castle's Mark Nelson and top Bay Area magician Rich Myer in the talented cast, and super special celebrity magic guests Johnny Thompson, Mac King, and the three beautiful Divas of Magic who star in the Hans Klok show in Las Vegas, Nathali, Debby, and Zarina!


Cindythings Bears in Bear Tracks Magazine!

Two of my super cute bears who were adopted at the Silver Bruins Teddy Bear Show appear in the Winter 2007 issue of Good Bears of the World's Bear Tracks Magazine!  Look for my black and white panda and blue and white panda "Little Cutie" bears, who are official Good Bears!  Appropriately, the photo has a fun culinary theme!  I love it!


Candy Magicians Invade the Magic Castle!

Four very special Candy Magicians were invited to the 3rd Annual Dai Vernon Bash at the world famous Magic Castle held on Friday, September 28 in Hollywood, in honor of the late wonderful close-up magician Bruce Cervon.  It was a fantastic evening and a great bash, and Joe and I enjoyed making lots of new friends with sweet tooths.  An amazing highlight of the evening came when some of the Magic Castle staff turned their front desk computer to show us what they were all laughing about--they were visiting Cindythings.com's Candy Magicians Gallery right there in the Magic Castle!  The two Candy Dai Vernons and two Candy Bruce Cervons made especially for the Dai Vernon Charity Auction got snapped up by three lucky Candy Magic Art collectors, Steve, Steve, and board member Mark Nelson, who so kindly invited them!  I'm told they brought in about a whopping third of the auction's proceeds!  Thank you guys for giving them good homes--and please don't eat them even if they are delicious!


"Des Magiciens Mignon a Croquer"

(The Magicians Mignons to Chew)

My "bon bons au gout de marshmallow" got a fun mention and some photos on a cool French magic website, MagicZooM recently!  What are "bon bons au gout de marshmallow?"  Candy Magicians!  Merci beaucoup to MagicZooM and to all the magicians visiting from there!



Candy Checkmate!

Guess what's the newest big thing from Cindythings?  My nice friend, super successful magic products entrepreneur Marvin Berglas, came up with the greatest idea recently--he loved my Candy Magicians and Candy Mentalists and wanted to have an heirloom chess set made of my Candy figures portraying each member of his family--but made out of polymer clay so kiddies and doggies couldn't eat them and you could really play with them!   So now four complete Berglas Family chess sets--that's 128 handmade figures!--are happily residing with Marvin, his super famous UK mentalist television star father David Berglas and his lovely mom Ruth, and Marvin's gorgeous siblings and their families! 

  Hopefully that won't be the last you'll hear of Cindythings custom family chess sets--watch this space!

Here's a peek at the sets I made for Marvin, on my kiddie chess board!

The black playing set...

 and the white playing set!

Aren't they cute?!  I just love the Berglas family!


Cindythings takes over Germany!

Okay, I didn't really take over the whole country, just a five-star hotel in Cologne, along with Joe (aka Cindythings' Magic Joey!), and Tiki, Cindythings' brand new up-and-coming kittycat superstar!  We were all there from January 2 until March 16, 2008, with our super nice friend, the world's foremost paranormalist Uri Geller and his super nice family (Hi Hanna and Shipi!) while Joe creatively consulted on Uri's two mega-hit shows, Germany's "The Next Uri Geller," and Holland's "Die Neuwe Uri Geller."  Both shows were similar to the "Phenomenon" series with Uri and Criss Angel that recently aired in the U.S., but even more fun because Uri performed some amazing things in these series, and the performers got loads more time to do their effects!  If you didn't see the broadcasts and want a chance to check out some clips from the shows, you can find lots of them on YouTube--check out my favorites Vincent Raven and Alexander Hartmann and Nikolai Friedrich (of Flicking Fingers fame!) from the German show, and Aaron Crowe from the Dutch show, they're all just great!   Watch closely and you may even see me in the audience!  That is, if I wasn't too busy eating all the candy in the green room, working on Cindythings' newest Candy collection, or running up and down the corridors with Tiki!


Check out Uri's fabulous website--Candy Uri Geller made it into Uri's column!  Here's a shot of Uri with him!

When I get a chance I'm going to put on a gallery of some of the great photos I took in Cologne and Holland!  Including my snaps of every teddy bear I saw in a shop window the whole trip!


Look Out, Heidi Klum!

Well, it was bound to happen--now I'm an Uber Celebrity in Germany!  When Joe called the Ich Liebe Koln (I Love Cologne) tourist authority to order an "I Love Koln" tee shirt for me, they were amazed someone was calling from California and demanded to know everything!  When Joe told them he had worked on The Next Uri Geller television show there (which was a number one hit!) and that it was going to San Francisco, they were so excited they asked him to send a photo of me wearing it for their website because they only had one celebrity on it so far--Heidi Klum!   Now they have two--Joe sent it and they put it on the very day they got it!  Don't tell the Supermodel Union all I got paid for this was an ice cream sundae at Ghirardelli Chocolate Factory!



Candy Magicians make Fine Art History!

Wow, the Candy Magicians and Mentalists have really made it now!  Chicago artist and magician Chuck Romano, the author of the award-winning 1997 book, The Art of Deception, all about the long relationship between magicians and artists, has just released a brand new, revised and updated 2008 edition of his landmark book.  And he has included Cindythings' Candy Magicians and Mentalists in his chapter on "Fine Art," which he defines as "pure and unadulterated art anything that has merely an aesthetic value. Fine art does not instruct or serve a useful function, rather it is meant to be admired and appreciated for its own sake."  I love it!  He even put in a picture of me!  Chuck's book is out now, and you can get a copy, price $65, by contacting him at crmagic@comcast.net!  It's just an awesome, beautiful art book chock full of all kinds of great art and magic artists and I'm so thrilled to be included and also just to have a copy!  Here's a look at the cover and the part about my candy figures!


Thanks so much, Chuck!


Cindythings in Bears & Buds Magazine!

The September 2008 issue of Bears & Buds, a great online magazine all about teddy bears and the artists who make them, features a picture of me at Pat Moore's San Jose Teddy Bear Show on July 20, 2008.  This was my third time doing Pat's great show and convention and I had so much fun!

Here I am holding my little piggie, who was a big hit!

"Cindy Atmore, of Cindythings was surrounded by her newest creations."

Check out more on the show and all the other fun on Bears & Buds!


Teddy Bear Shop Update is Here!

My "Little Cuties" line of 8-inch original, adorable, one-of-a-kind vintage toy-style mohair bears and friends which debuted at Pat Moore's "Silver Bruins" Teddy Bear Show and Sale in San Jose, California, on July 22, 2007, appeared at the Northern California Doll & Teddy Bear Show in Hayward, California on September 15, 2007, and at Pat Moore's San Jose "Chef Bear R Dee" Show July 20, 2008, have just been added to The Teddy Bear Shop here at Cindythings!  Along with my new Little Sillies and several new colors of mohair mice!  Check out my special new sections in my Teddy Bear shop chock full of photos of fun Teddy Bear Shows I've done, my visit to the Schulte Mohair Factory in Germany, and my Teddy Bears in Windows Gallery full of pictures of every teddy bear I saw in a shop window during my winter 2008 stay in Europe!

If you're one of the super special teddy bear artist or collector friends I've met at a bear show, thanks so much for visiting Cindythings!  Please drop me an email to get on my update notification mailing list!  I've also started a Wish List and already have requests for my super popular fuzzy yellow chick Little Cuties, Halloween black cat Little Cuties, Little Piggies, and Koala Little Cuties, so if you have a special request, just drop me an email!  Remember, each Little Cutie is one-of-a-kind, so yours will be super special and made just for you!  And if you're looking for one of the Little Cuties you saw at a show and don't see it yet in my bear shop, please email me!


Coming Soon to Cindythings.com!


The Candy Bob Newhart Show!

It's going to be total Bob fun!



A super fun "Cindy Pictures" virtual story book created especially for you!  A new take on the beloved fairytale, starring everyone's favorite Cindy!  Plus--super fun Cindyrella products including cute vintage aprons!


The Julia Aurora Field Museum!

Featuring the fascinating diary written in 1867 by Cindy's great great grandmother, Julia Aurora Field, a teacher and writer, the year she fell in love and married!  A true pioneer story full of amazing characters and events!  Plus--cute, fun pioneer products! 


Bell, Book, and Kitty!

 A bewitchingly fun Cindythings museum focusing on the amazing life of a true Salem Witch--from a very uncommon perspective!  Plus super cute and fun Cindythings witch products! 


My Gypsy Caravan!

 A super fun Cindythings gypsy celebration including fun audio of Cindy playing flamenco music on her friend Guitar!  Plus--cute and fun Cindythings gypsy products!


Thanks and Love!


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